Sophie Dorsten and Alex Dorsten with Larger Than Life Release, “Whisper in the Dark”

There is nothing subdued or faint about this new single titled “Whisper in the Dark” as Sophie and Alex Dorsten solidify their status as bona fide artists in this music industry. The secret is out and that is that “Whisper in the Dark” is no joke and will make true believers out of you and I. Sophie and Alex Dorsten prove their songwriting skills on this song as this piece is a true work of musical art.

This isn’t their first rodeo as the brother, sister duo is no stranger to eventful collaborations. I can sense the maturity and growth in Sophie’s pristine voice and the skillful playing from Alex as these two siblings have created something truly special with “Whisper in the Dark”. Sophie and Alex started recording the single in London at RAK Studios and concluded the record inside Alex Dorsten’s home studio at West Juniper Studios. The production on this track is impeccable and should be well-received and appreciated by their peers in the music business. More importantly, I believe this new single will open doors to a whole, new fan-base and will strike a chord with a wide variety of individuals out there.

Once again as soon as you hit play, the listener will hear a larger than life voice from Sophie Dorsten that simply stops you in your tracks. Her voice is so incredibly strong and “Whisper in the Dark” is beautifully sung by Sophie as her piercing vocals cut right through the speakers. This new release is a wonderfully-written composition and just a professional recording that is worthy of many accolades. Sophie and Alex deliver an impressive performance on “Whisper in the Dark” that truly speaks to your soul. The instrumentation is perfectly executed as the guitar playing draws you in and captures your attention. The melody is right, the lyrics are memorable and the song is a magnificent “Whisper in the Dark”. Sophie Dorsten’s powerful chops are on full display as this singer’s voice is both mighty & angelic. Sophie delivers a vocal performance that is graceful beyond measure as she captivates the audience with her wide range. The overall sound, style and approach on “Whisper in the Dark” will haunt you for days, in a good way!

Whisper in the Dark” solidifies that fact that Sophie and Alex Dorsten are legit singer/songwriters & musicians who should be taken very serious. The production of “Whisper in the Dark” is top-of-the-line and the song, itself, is a BIG Hit in the making. The potential for these two, young musicians is downright scary because I feel Sophie and Alex Dorsten are just scratching the surface of their greatness. If “Whisper in the Dark” is any indication as to where Sophie and Alex are heading as performing artists, then we are all in for a real treat! Sophie and Alex Dorsten should be very proud of their efforts on “Whisper in the Dark” because the single stands out and brings high quality tunes back to the forefront! Shout if from the rooftops and pass it on, “Whisper in the Dark” is THE talk of the music town USA!

By Jimmy Rae