Boudoir Photography: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques 

If you spend most of your time scrolling instagram, I bet you have seen most models posting boudoir pictures and getting millions of likes and praises. It appears that Boudoir photography is becoming a thing now. Therefore, adding a bunch of boudoir photographs to your portfolio would simply uplift it. Moreover, you have to learn it as well to stay up to date and get more orders.

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Boudoir photography is a different niche. The tricks you have been using while taking outdoor pictures might not work. So, what do you have to do? Follow the below mentioned tips, tricks, and techniques to master the boudoir photography London skill:

  • Have a good quality camera and lens
  • Do not compromise on the background 
  • Use natural light for your advantage 
  • Pick poses that goes well the model’s personality 

Have a good quality camera and the lens

Whether it’s boudoir or any other professional shoot, you need to have a good quality camera. However since boudoir shoot takes place indoors, having the right camera and the lens become more important. You can use any high quality camera for this purpose. However, if you want to get the best results, you have to use a DSLR with a full or cropped frame. Mirrorless systems are also a good idea for boudoir photography. As far as the lens of the camera is concerned, use a fast lens as it works best in low light.

Do not compromise on the background 

It is super important to understand that photos would never turn out good if you keep focusing on the model and poses. Having the right background is equally important as well. Most professional boudoir photographers choose to do the shoot in luxury hotels. Therefore, you have to do the same. Otherwise, it would just be a hassle.

Use natural light for your advantage 

Natural light can also be quite helpful in taking breathtakingly good boudoir pictures. However, the natural light has to be used carefully. Too much or too light natural light are both not good for the job. Do the shoot in the spot where there is a natural light. To lighten up the natural light, use net curtains and see how they effortlessly lift the photos up.

Pick poses that goes well the model’s personality 

Even before attempting to book the hotel and reaching the location with all the equipment, you have to get to know the model first. Know more about the model’s personality, discuss the poses, and try picking up the ones that go well with the personality. Do not attempt to pick the poses that are against the model’s personality, the boudoir pictures would never turn out good. 

Moreover, keep talking to the model during the shoot to make the photoshoot more comfortable. The more comfortable the model will be, the better the photos will turn out.


To take the best professional boudoir photographs, always try to use a good camera, pick the right background, natural light, and then pick up the poses that go well with the model’s personality.