Emsee taps into the darkness of the nightlife on the fire flow of “Thrills”

Volume is a given, for they demand the listener’s attention. A heaviness exists within his distinct aural universe. It beats work on an emotional level. Rap, hip-hop, trap, these all enter into the equation. Word choice matters, for there is a wildness to how evolution occurs. Layer upon layer adds to the sheer density of the sound. Throughout the track, his innermost thoughts are feelings are revealed. A contradictory series of statements, from confidence to pure vulnerability, there is a living, breathing quality to the way it all syncs up in a splendid way.

Large chords introduce the track. The mood gets set quite quickly. Upon his vocals, things truly begin. A party-like quality to work starts it up. With an uncanny sense of swagger, it offers a bit of a false flag regarding where it is going. Each verse gets deeper and deeper into the heart of the matter. The song’s true intentions become crystal clear when he gets real with the listener. He holds nothing back, for the song’s confessional attitude takes over. This helps close out the work, highlighting what anxiety and depression do to a person and why the thrills need to be sought to satisfy them.

“Thrills” revels in the exquisite details, showing off the uncanny the lyricism of Emsee in setting a whole mood.

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