The Dark Art of Kat Alyst, Where Dreams Are Awake 

Art is not art until it brings some change into society with its positive shadows. Kat is a rising artist who brings out some of the most enchanting vibes into the art scene. She doesn’t click photos but clicks moments with her magical, fictional, surreal narratives that the world has never witnessed before.


Kat had a bigger picture in her eyes, so since she was a teenager, she seemed to chase her dreams. Without involving in school activities due to uncool looks, Kat never told anyone what she had started suffering inside. She painted and wrote books to fuel her artistic passion for witnessing stardom. Kat found art as her best friend when she found a camera at 15.

Things started to change, and she captured all animals to humans globally, what she felt she captured with various moods and places. After her first credit card, she went on a trip to discover and unleash her inner artist. She used to shoot daily and sometimes up to 6 photo shoots per weekend. She shot events, musicians, portraits, products, cars, animals, and everything she saw.

The ‘Wild Card Entry’ In the Fashion Industry  

She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a core focus on Graphic Design and a minor in Photography. After living so many struggling years, Kat dived into the fashion and beauty industry, where she worked with actors, models, art directors, photographers, and the list goes on. In the meantime, she realized that she was an artist by soul. She, fortunately, had scholarships and traveled globally.

She Is Inspired by Her Heart to Inspire the World

“I was obsessed with creating a moment rather than capturing one.” -Kat Alyst 

She always had a narrative to share her story, memories, and experiences through her art and photography. She chose colors over words and told her story to the world in surreal narratives that earned her fame. She chose the freedom of living by serving art. As she says, 

“Being an artist is the ultimate freedom to conceptualize and share messages that will translate beyond languages to others.”  -Kat Alyst 

She started selling her photography skills in the form of photoshoots and met some big names. She felt that her love for art had created a “bigger picture” of her passions in life to connect and support people through capturing joyful moments. 

Kat’s core goal is to spread awareness, hold space, and be a platform for people with stories, voices, and similar feelings to my creative side through her artistic and fictional world. She believes everyone has a story to tell and wants to create a good story for all.


Kat loves to do challenging tasks to enhance her artistic mind. She has been working in the industry for a long time. She keeps her eyes on color trends, runway trends, and things that correlate with her love for the beauty and fashion industries. She loves to work on creative and fresh ideas in her artwork. For KAT, Knowledge is power because, with knowledge, anyone can break stereotypes to create the most appealing art.

The Publications, Exhibitions, and Fame

Kat has been published in so many media channels such as;

LA WEEKLY, V Magazine, ARTSY, Vogue (Photo Vogue), New York Weekly, LA WIRE, Moevir Magazine, Art Week, and so on. Kat had many exhibitions worldwide, but her solo exhibition was held in 2021. “Someone is trying to tell you something,” LA Weekly, Los Angeles, CA. 

She believes in dreams, aims to live beyond her doubts, and goes for whatever is in front of her. There are many artists worldwide, but Kat Alyst is a rising star in the art world who spelled a cast over the art lover through her majestic art vibes and surreal and dark narratives. 

The Next Art Exhibition By Kat Alyst

Event name: Art Basel Miami

Location: Miami, Florida

Date: December 1 until December 3, 2022

Gallery: Red Dot Miami & Spectrum Miami

Artist, Kat Alyst’s work will be on display during ‘Art Basel Miami’ from December 1 until December 3. She will reveal her new artwork to please the eyes again in the ‘Red Dot Miami and Spectrum Miami’ at 6 pm. 

“Art Basel was founded in 1970 by Basel gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckner, and Balz Hilt to rival its neighboring Art Cologne. The idea was to lure a new wave of collectors and enthusiasts in the postwar consumer society, rich in time, money, and new means of global communication.”