Assad Al Hanini’s New EP “Home” An Emotional Masterpiece

Assad Al Hanini

Assad Al Hanini was born in Amman, Jordan and is originally from Palestine, on his music and productions. Assad Al Hanini released a number of musical pieces this year that are available on all platforms, Assad’s music is a vessel for his own unique thoughts and experiences, making music not just for himself but for the enjoyment of listeners the world over. This desire to create music that forms these interpersonal relationships portrays an artform that is born out of pure heart and soul.

About him

Assad Al Hanini was born in Amman, Jordan originally from Palestine, he’s a professional boxer and mma fighter, he competes professionally and has competed under a number of organizations like Cage Warriors, he has an undefeated record in mixed martial arts, and competed in the Olympics as a boxer, and has been involved in the combat sports world with Kings Club MMA, as he is doing his music and production at the same time, you can say he’s a man of many talents. 

Assad Al Hanini

Where can you listen to it?

You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, Amazon Music and more. There are many songs to choose from, but one of my favorites is “Divine” because it speaks about our lives, journeys and childhood memories, also a phenomenal musical piece that is “Nablus” that speaks about his hometown in Palestine, his music has thousands of plays on Spotify alone. 

What makes him apart from other singers

Assad Al Hanini’s Music is a vessel for his own unique thoughts and experiences, his sound has a uniqueness that can’t be replicated and his music resonates with people of all backgrounds, ages, and cultures. His hard work from when he was young as well as his personal experiences help him create this sense of urgency in his songs which gives them an undeniable authenticity. He gives audiences something they haven’t heard before while still staying true to himself.