Is it hard to get Salesforce Admin Certification in 2022?

Is it hard to get Salesforce Admin Certification in 2022? Here are the online Salesforce training platforms that will help you.

Salesforce Admin is one of the essential entry-level positions that allow you to start a career in the lucrative market of Salesforce CRM solutions.

Becoming a Salesforce admin means entering a lively job market with vivid career perspectives and employment opportunities. 

Not so long ago, Salesforce certifications for admins (ADM201) were considered a tangible bonus in a candidate’s CV but not a mandatory requirement. It happened mainly because back in the day, Salesforce professionals, and especially Salesforce admins, were mainly self-taught experts that came to Salesforce from various related fields and became a part of its development. However, Salesforce has made a huge leap during the past decade and has become one of the most multifunctional and complex yet efficient CRM providers that require deep knowledge, expertise, and dedication to allow customers to enjoy their full potential.

That is why focused Salesforce training became a must, and Salesforce certification for admins is now more than a formality but a fundamental requirement in the competitive Salesforce job market.

In this article, we shall talk about the whole idea and nature of the Salesforce certification exam, its complexity, the latest updates, and the world’s leading online Salesforce training platforms that will help you get and maintain your ADM201 certificate today.

Is the Salesforce certification for admins hard?

It might be the first question everyone asks when they learn that they will have to take any kind of exam. Let’s put it like that: the Salesforce certification exam covers the matters, topics, and skills that are required from a professional, practicing Salesforce admin. Those are the skills that allow Salesforce customers to get the most out of the CRM solutions and the skills they are willing to pay for. In other words, if Salesforce attracts you mainly with its bright financial and career perspectives, prepare to work hard and always be ready to prove your skills and qualification. And nothing can do it better for you than a relevant, regularly updated Salesforce certification.

Here is some data that will help you navigate through the 2022 Salesforce certification exam for Admins. 

It is a multiple-choice type of exam that usually contains 60 questions. The majority of those questions are focused on Configuration and Setup, Object Manager, and Lighting up Builder. However, the ratio of topics may differ from one year to another according to the recent developments, and Salesforce updates that you may need to focus on.

The passing score of the ADM201 certification exam is around 65%, which is proof of the fact that this exam is not a formality, but a proof of professionalism and dedication for the Salesforce admins who really want to develop their careers in Salesforce.

That said, it is pretty obvious that preparation for the Admin Salesforce certification exam is a serious process that may also need some professional guidance and support from practicing and certified professionals. Moreover, the whole concept of the Salesforce Admin job has developed greatly since the position was originally introduced. Today Salesforce admins should also be familiar with elements of Salesforce developers` operation to comprehend the whole process. That is why it is so important to seek guidance and assistance from Salesforce experts from various fields when you are preparing for your Salesforce admin certification.

Where to study for a Salesforce admin certification?

There are lots of online and in-class Salesforce training institutions in India and worldwide. Let’s go over the most popular ones and those that claim to specialize in Salesforce certification.

  • CRS Info Solutions

One of the world’s leading Salesforce training institutes in India offers comprehensive training for Salesforce admins, Salesforce developers, and those who are studying to get and maintain their certifications in related positions.

Offering a 2-3 month online course that is developed and guided by practicing experienced and certified Salesforce professionals from various fields, CRS Info Solutions represents itself as a job-oriented platform that focuses on providing its aspirants with sufficient practical experience during their studies and preparation for the exam.

It helps to develop the necessary confidence to pass any Salesforce job interview with flying colors as well as take a Salesforce certification exam and maintain the certification with time, remaining a relevant and sought-after candidate in the dynamic Salesforce job market.

  • Trailhead

If you are a practicing Salesforce admin who is preparing for their Salesforce certification exam, you have definitely heard about Trailhead as one of the most famous online Salesforce training platforms. Trailhead is mainly famous for the creation of the international community of Salesforce professionals from all over the world and its user-friendly interface.


If you have ever learned anything online, you have definitely heard of UDEMY – the international hub of courses and seminars from various fields and industries. Here you can also find Salesforce training materials with an access fee of around $20. The materials are constantly updated, which gives you a chance to get a grip on the most relevant information regarding Salesforce certification.

  • Simplilearn

This is an ultimate Salesforce training Bootcamp for the Salesforce admins who are preparing for their certification exam. Here you will find the quintessential updates and key points that will help you focus on your studies and keep your hand on the latest changes in the certification process, its demands, and perspectives.

  • Janbask

Originally known as the basic Salesforce training program that fits aspirants of all levels, Janbask now focuses mainly on professional studies, corporate courses for companies that want to introduce Salesforce CRM solutions, as well as preparation of Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers for their certification exams. It is a vivid program that will help you to align your current knowledge and experience with the latest updates and demands of Salesforce certification.

  • Mind Majix

Another online Salesforce training program that is built like an intensive boot camp for practicing Salesforce professionals. Here you will find a 30-hour self-guided curriculum, mainly built with a focus on practical assignments and the latest trends in the Salesforce certification exams for all sorts of Salesforce professionals, including the ADM201 exam.

  • Intellipaat

This is a suitable opportunity for those who want to build their own study schedule and have 24/7 access to the study materials and faculty’s support.

Providing you also lifetime access to the constantly updated curriculum. Intellipaat is also suitable for those who are maintaining their previously gained Salesforce certification.

  • LinkedIn

What started as a B2B social media meant to connect businesses and professionals worldwide has now evolved into a global job market and educational platform for experts from various fields and industries, including Salesforce.

Here you will find relevant updates and brief educational videos on Salesforce certification and manage to boost up your online CV with the badges you receive upon passing each course.

  • Coursera

It is a perfect opportunity for beginners and those who are thinking about getting their first Salesforce certification but are not sure whether they already have sufficient experience and confidence to take the test. 

Just like UDEMY, Coursera is a world-famous online study platform that covers all imaginable fields, which makes it so convenient variant for those who are used to the online training format.

  • ONLC

Do you find it hard to commit to regular studies because of your busy schedule? ONLC has a solution for you. It is one of the most flexible online training platforms with various customizable training options for practicing Salesforce professionals of all levels.

Is it hard to pass the Salesforce certification for Admins? Let’s put it like this, if it was easy, it would not be that valuable. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for you to boost your skills and qualifications and demonstrate the dedication and professionalism employers are seeking today.

You will need to find a suitable and reliable online Salesforce training platform and take your studies seriously, but in the end, the investment definitely pays off.