@skopemag Review: Otherish “Their Mistake” Single / Video

Otherish embrace the strange on “Their Mistake”. A wild mixture of jazz, pop, and psychedelic rock the playfulness has no limits. Interplay amongst the band adds to the flexibility of the rhythm. Things start and stop on a dime, without any further need for clarity. Lyrics embrace this jagged, giddy path as well, with the pure poetry dripping down like condensation off an air conditioner. Nods to groups like Ben Folds Five and the Dresden Dolls pop on throughout the entirety of the journey. Best of all are those melodies that have an angularness behind them.

A whirlwind introduces the track. Horns and piano merge to form as one. The song’s drums gesticulate wildly making sure to work on an emotional as well as a physical way. Much of it has a glam rock aspect to it, especially the vocals. Word choice seems halted at times, taking a cue from Sam Prekop’s musings. Bass work adds to the heft of the piece further thrusting it forward. Never going in a neat pattern, the way that the song settles down only to fully fall apart is one of its greatest joys. Lots of the sound has a colorful scheme to it, for the song makes sure to completely turn things on its head as the song gets torn apart.

“Their Mistake” revels in the grand unpredictability of Otherish, for they present a unique universe that has a truly defiant, carefree attitude.