Are composite doors and windows worth it?

Your windows and doors don’t only keep the heat in, they also protect you from the busy sounds of daily life – making sure you can cosy up after a long day, without distractions. 

Many homeowners choose to purchase high-quality composite doors and windows to add value to their homes and enhance the overall look, but they also increase security and reduce your bills. 

If you’re considering refreshing your home with composite doors and windows, here’s everything you need to know. 

Is there a difference between composite and UPVC?

Yes, there is! 

UPVC is a multipurpose plastic that can be used for both windows and doors, due to its strength and durability. 

Composite doors and windows, however, are made from a combination of UPVC and timber, achieved by binding the two materials together under high-pressure conditions. This creates a unique and weatherproof material that stands the test of time. 

What are composite doors?

Composite doors are a strong, durable and reliable option that guarantee a safe and secure home. 

Apart from the windowpane, the full door and frame are made from a composite material that can withstand the pressure of high-impact weather conditions and use – even the angry door slams that teenagers love.

What are composite windows?

Like composite doors, composite windows are a robust solution that allows you to feel safe in your home, without compromising on style. 

The high manufacturing standards keep noise transfer to a minimum and ensure a long-lasting investment. Composite windows are worth every penny when you look at their advantages. 

What are the benefits of composite doors and windows?

The key benefit of composite doors is that they are completely customisable. Companies like Complete Home Solutions have a whole catalogue of colours you can choose from. So, whether you want a neutral tone or something brighter to stand out, you’re guaranteed to find the option for you. 

The same goes for composite windows. You can choose both the frame and the style of glass. No matter the room you’re reinventing, you can customise the final design to meet your style preferences. 

Composite doors and windows are becoming increasingly popular due to how low maintenance they are. They’re super easy to clean and don’t need to be treated, unlike traditional wooden frames. 

Not many people are aware of the fact that composite doors and windows can actually save you money. Both have high thermal efficiency, which is a lifesaver in the colder months – you won’t have to reach for the central heating quite as much when you make the switch. 

How do I purchase composite doors and windows?

When making home improvements, it’s vital you go to a trusted company that can give you advice and assistance when choosing your new composite doors and windows.

Complete Home Solutions are a knowledgeable and reliable company that specialises in composite products.

With over 250 colours to choose from and a friendly and professional installation team, you’re guaranteed to love your new home exterior.