Questions You Need To Your Hired Truck Accident Lawyer

Nowadays, pursuing a claim for compensation for injuries sustained in a truck accident is more complex than following an auto accident. To negotiate your payment with the insurance companies for the trucker and the trucking firm, you must retain the services of the best truck accident lawyers Bothell. It might be challenging to find the proper attorney, one you can trust and who will vigorously defend your rights to all the compensation to which you are legally entitled. To acquire guidance on your rights and learn more about them, you should take advantage of the free initial consultation offer that most attorneys provide. You should ask them the following five crucial questions, which are listed below:

Should you file a claim with their insurance company, or is your case not strong enough to pursue?

After you have recounted your truck accident and the injuries you experienced, the attorney should clarify whether the truck driver, their trucking company or any other parties are responsible for paying you damages. They should be able to advise you on whether your claim is sufficiently compelling to merit filing a claim with their insurance provider or whether you should instead make a claim under your insurance plan.

What does it cost?

Filing a truck accident case can be expensive, especially if an attorney is involved. Truck accident attorney accepts patients on a contingency fee basis to reduce the cost of filing a claim. A contingency fee is a fee that attorneys charge that is deducted from the settlement or award as payment for their services. They only get paid if they successfully reach their client’s compensation for losses. The lawyer should also review any additional costs you might have to pay for your case. Costs that accrue during litigation are frequently the responsibility of the client. You would have to foot the bill for gathering evidence or engaging a professional to reconstruct the accident.

Have you ever worked on a truck crash case?

You may need a lot of additional evidence in a truck accident to establish fault. The truck’s maintenance history, the driver’s rest logs, and other information that can support your claim could be included. Every trucking company is required by federal law to keep this information on file, but accessing it typically requires the assistance of a lawyer. Ensure that your attorney knows how to ask for and translate this information from the shipping firm. It may or may not support your case.

Who is liable for your accident?

The answer to this query would seem simple if a truck driver ran a red light and struck your car. However, the driver’s employer can also be liable due to the legal concept of vicarious liability. Your attorney must perform a thorough investigation to determine who was accountable for the crash. This might apply to the driver, the freight firm, or even the automaker if a faulty auto component was to blame for the accident. Those accounts will be held liable for your damages.

Will you try your case if it is needed?

Although most truck accident cases are settled before trial, this is not always the case. You need a lawyer who isn’t scared to take your case to a jury trial and has won favorable jury verdicts in instances similar to yours if the insurance company digs in their heels and won’t give you a fair settlement.

Summing it up:

You should choose many prospective lawyers to speak with as you search for the best truck accident attorney. Lawyers can be located in local directories, online, through references, or elsewhere. You can arrange a free consultation with each of them.