Paul David Stanko Releases New Single “Artist’s Prayer”

Every creative person looks at their blank canvas or their blank page, or the bare rehearsal stage and says, “please give me something to say.” This song is a plea to the universal muse to fill us, no matter what kind of person we are, with inspiration that will overflow our souls and touch the world.

“I originally wrote these lyrics in 1993 and put them in my book of song ideas and sketches. I found them earlier this year and set them to music and the result is here. I chose to put this down now because as I am creating art, I sometimes sit at the piano and just hope that an idea comes… I figured if I feel that, others might too… this might give them something to resonate with.”

Paul David Stanko is a Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA based multi-instrumentalist and composer. He writes in several genres of music but is a rock and roll baby at heart. Since the pandemic, Paul David has been focusing on creating new music in his home studio to release to the world. Focusing on the positive, rather than the negative aspects of life, Paul David talks about love, life, Source in his 80’s influenced offerings.

Music :

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