3 Basic Psychology Facts You Need To Know

Do you know it is believed and agreed that psychology is a rich and fascinating subject? It is a social science that has many practical applications in all areas of life. Psychology is believed to be a study of the human mind and behavior. However, in reality, it is much more than just a study of the human mind and behavior. 

It impacts and touches everything in the world every minute, hour, day, month, and year. Therefore, this psychology is no less than any other field. If you are planning to study psychology or read psychology in general, here are the 3 facts that you should know;

  • Psychology exists everywhere
  • Psychology has many sub-fields
  • Psychology has many career paths

Psychology exists everywhere

What most of us fail to understand is that modern psychology is such a versatile subject that it exists everywhere. Whether you are in a classroom, research lab, mental health office, home, party, or somewhere else, you would notice psychology all around you. More surprisingly, the books, the movies, and even the ads that run all contain psychology. It’s everywhere and it’s applied to everything. Whether you notice it or not, you can not run from it.

Psychology has many sub-fields

Another least-known fact about this social science called “Psychology” is that unlike other subjects it has many sub-fields. In the beginning, the students are made to read basic psychology but if they opt to specialize in psychology they have to pick up a subfield. The few major and popular ones are cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, health psychology, industrial psychology, and occupational psychology.

Cognitive psychology is a study of mental processes, social psychology deals with social interactions, developmental psychology tells you how humans grow, change, and adapt, personality psychology examines personalities and variations, health psychology is all about psychological and behavioral processes, and Industrial psychology explains the human behavior and the theories to be applied in the workplace, and occupational psychology is closely related to industrial psychology it also explains human behavior at work and discusses methods of selecting personnel, improving productivity, and coping with stress. 

Psychology has many career paths

Psychology does not just have a lot of branches, it has many career paths as well. You can specialize and become a school psychologist, development psychologist, social worker, family therapist, counseling psychologist, educational online psychologist, etc. A psychology degree does not limit you to 9 to 5 desk jobs, you can do a lot with it. Even the undergraduates have a lot of options that no undergraduates of other fields have.

The two other facts that you should know about this subject are that psychology relies on scientific methods and it “actually” makes humans live a better life.

In brief, Psychology is a rich and fascinating subject that impacts all areas of life. It is much more than just a study of the human mind and behavior. The few worth mentioning facts about this versatile subject is that it exists everywhere, has “a lot” of sub-fields, and gives us many career paths to choose from.