What men value in their women

A passionate lover or a modest housewife. A stunning beauty or a serious businesswoman.  What woman to choose is a matter of taste. Every man has his own preferences. Men’s love is based on respect and intimacy. Quite a big role is also played by the appearance of the chosen one.

  • So, what is she – the ideal life partner?

Let’s consider the most important qualities that the representatives of the stronger sex value in their women.

Top female qualities really important for men

When first dating, most young men first of all pay attention to the appearance of his companion. And this is absolutely healthy and normal reaction, because every guy by nature – a true connoisseur of female beauty. But one beautiful appearance alone can not keep your loved one. Look well-groomed – these are only half the success.

  • What lies behind the other half?


To be an independent, successful person

Strong, intelligent and successful young men are attracted to women who can be worthy partners for them. Such ladies always remain independent in their views, plans and important decisions. A successful woman who is proud of her achievements, not shy to be herself and always speak her mind is a real magnet, attracting the best representatives of the stronger sex.

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Such a chosen woman will never allow herself to be treated badly. She has a high degree of respect for her feelings. Successful girls prefer not to adjust to the interests of others, they have no need for other people’s approval.

With an independent companion a man is easier to achieve mutual understanding, because such a lady will never waste time on idle gossip and unfounded insults. She will understand your loved one, when he does not want to support the conversation because of the problems at work, and be sure to listen to him at the time when he needs it.

Be smart and kind

These qualities are inherent in most Ukrainian girls. For men it is important that his companion has both of these qualities – that is the main secret. Such a lady is self-confident, she has no need to assert herself at someone else’s expense, so she certainly will not start an intrigue behind the back of her beloved. Smart and kind beauties have many advantages:

  • They are always well-groomed – it’s stupid to look unkempt;
  • They have a great sense of humor, but they will never be sarcastic;
  • They are optimistic and sincere, because deception is bad, and it’s stupid to expect the worst all the time.

Ukrainian girls from j4l

A smart girl always strives to develop, thanks to which the beloved companion in life will always be able to discover new facets of her. With such a woman you will never get bored, you always want to return to her. Only a kind and intelligent woman knows how to become not just warmly beloved for her man, but also vital.

To be able to praise

One of the principles of modern pedagogy says that children in every way try to conform to the opinion his parents express about him. The same formula is successfully applied to men as well. If you constantly point out the faults and mistakes of a guy, call him lazy and irresponsible, then it is these qualities that he will actively demonstrate. And vice versa: constant admiration for your favorite will certainly inspire him to change and improve his personality.

For any man needs approval and praise as air. For a woman who can admire and praise even for the smallest detail, every representative of the stronger half is ready to get a star from the sky.

Know how to be happy

A girl who feels unhappy and keeps waiting for that beautiful stranger to make her happy is probably not going to interest any man.  An unhappy woman can be talked to heartily, she can be supported or pitied, she can be a friend, that’s all. Men, on the other hand, fall in love with happy ladies to bring more bright, unforgettable moments into their lives.

Why men often choose Ukrainian girls

The statement that it is impossible for a man to succeed without the support of an intelligent woman makes real sense. In a serious relationship, it is important for men to feel peace and warmth. J4L knows that in search of an ideal female companion, men often pay attention to Ukrainian girls, who are distinguished by their tremulousness, sensitivity and boundless trust in their partner.

Unlike girls of other nationalities, Ukrainian beauties harmoniously combine all those qualities that are so important for modern men. The entire world has heard about the attractiveness of girls from this country. They are all neat and well-groomed, elegant, graceful and feminine.

  • What else about Ukrainian girls drives men crazy?


It is one of those features that all men are so proud of. The power of a woman’s faithfulness can work wonders; it can affect the destiny of any man, even the most brutal one.

Housekeeping and caring

Most guys are very pragmatic and for them care and attention is much more important than idle talk about love. A man will be happy if his house is clean, cozy, and always smells good. Such a home makes one want to return to under any circumstances.

Sincerity and simplicity

These are the feminine qualities that most guys dream of. They love girls who are able to rejoice in little things and prefer to sincerely express their emotions. These female companions always want to give gifts, because to see a positive, stormy, genuine reaction is a real pleasure. With sincere male companions just be comfortable in the home.

This is just a small list of basic qualities that all men pay attention to when choosing a companion. And no matter what criteria a man chooses his beloved, it is important that she remain herself. This is the only way to build a relationship of trust, which every year will become only brighter and more interesting.