Hormone-related stress, anguish, and growing pains are common during the transition from childhood to adulthood. Puberty, like many other aspects of life, makes for good horror. When the genre is used, the physical body changes and the struggles of adolescence are intensified to a horrifying degree. In other words, growing up may be a horrible experience, and coming-of-age horror can perfectly capture the feeling.

These films provide excellent examples of the awkward, difficult, and even embarrassing fears associated with growing up.


The process of discovering oneself is a recurring theme in coming-of-age stories. That’s challenging enough for a teenager with hormones, but it’s challenging still when the youngster is an outcast who is the focus of bullying. Due to her mother’s excessive religiosity, poor Carrie White had a very secluded childhood. When her period arrived in the middle of her post-gym class shower, she initially believed she was going to die. Start the loud bullying. As she enters adolescence, she gets increased telekinetic abilities, giving her the strength to rebel against her mother and discover who she is. Carrie experiences a lot of blood and death as she travels the path to self-discovery.


At their family’s ranch in California, estranged siblings Ottis James (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer) reconcile after their father’s untimely death. The family and the ranch’s employees begin to detect paranormal activities that have an impact on both human and animal behaviour while they are residing there. You can understand more by reading this extensive article on the Nope movie meaning

The siblings attempt to take photographic evidence of the big cloud-like UFO in the sky because they think it is connected to their father’s passing. They receive assistance from documentarian Antlers Holst and tech salesperson Angel Torres.

I Am Not a Serial Killer 

John Wayne Cleaver, a teenager, isn’t a serial killer yet, despite the title’s suggestion that he might become into one. John, a psychopath who has been diagnosed, must constantly restrain his murderous inclinations. Given that he is tormented at school and that his mother runs a funeral parlour, it is not simple. The otherworldly killer who is on the loose also adds to the teen’s obsession with murder and the mystery surrounding the entity. The main elements of John’s adolescence story are self-discovery and finding fulfillment in oneself. 


Marty, a 12-year-old, contends with his family’s turmoil, friendships, and bullying. At best, his father is irritable and unfit to be a father figure. Horror films provide comfort for Marty, who once enjoyed watching them with his older brother Steve. However, Steve has developed into a reclusive teenager who avoids spending much time at home, allowing Marty plenty of opportunity to learn his secret: Steve enjoys killing people and keeping their heads as mementos. Found, one of the most extreme examples of coming-of-age horror looks critically at how parents mould their kids’ lives. Not for those with weak hearts.


Justine, a teenager, enrolls in her first semester of veterinary school, continuing a family tradition. She gives in to an initiation process and eats meat, against her vegetarian nature, out of desperation to blend in with her peers. She begins to experience horrifying physical changes, a return to her primal sexuality, and an unquenchable hunger for human flesh as a result. The coming-of-age narrative is given a chic, cannibalistic twist by Julia Ducournau.

 Let the Right One In

Oskar, a little boy, spends his school days being tormented by other students since he lives alone with his mother. He is alone. Despite her initial cautions that they could never be friends, he quickly develops a strong bond with a girl his age at his apartment complex. Eli is an elderly vampire, which is a dark secret. Oskar discovers the love and opportunity for retaliation he so sorely desired via Eli. This depressing, love story is a horrifying examination of the bonds we form during our most formative years and the long-lasting effects they may have later in life.