New Video Cleo Alexandra “Dream Fever”

Stepping out like an 80s superstar, Cleo Alexandra brings the nostalgia of synth and hard rock to the modern scene with her electrifying discography. The Australian-born artist was destined to shine under the spotlight from age 5 when she started to explore her creativity through poetry, singing/songwriting, and musical instruments. Through steadily mastering her craft, Cleo Alexandra carved out her place in the industry through unforgivingly raw original tracks and supercharged renditions of classics. Armed with powerhouse vocals and a unique approach to musical artistry, the artist is redefining the music of today and even caught the attention of six-time Grammy-winning American producer Keith Olsen and producer J.J Farris to develop her debut single “Criminal” in 2016. Now the songstress is scaling to new heights with the highly anticipated release of “Dream Fever.”

Intoxicated by love, “Dream Fever” speaks to the dizzying experience of fiery passion and lust that blossoms in a new relationship. Inspired by Cleo Alexandra’s personal love life, she touches on the out-of-body experience of finally meeting a partner who truly understands her worth. Kicking toxic love to the curb, “Dream Fever” is all about embracing pure, good-for-the-soul type romance. The song is edgy at its core, with cascading guitar shreds and deep drum hits, with elements of glam-pop to elevate it to the next level. Following the gritty yet hypnotizing tone of the song, the visuals match the high energy with snappy editing and racy visuals. Cleo Alexandra solidifies herself as a true icon and diva in “Dream Fever.”

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