@skopemag Review – Staytus Debut Album ‘Disease of The Mind’

Staytus finds beauty in ugliness on the intense industrial folk fibers of “Disease of the Mind”. These nightmarish odes present absolutely spellbinding works. Rhythms here feature a tribal presence to them. Volume is a given for they bludgeon the listener with such fierceness. Beyond the industrial roots, elements of hard rock, punk, and noise enter into the equation. Her vocals feel highly reminiscent of Courtney Love’s pained animalistic fury she presented on Hole’s best tracks. Completely pitch black in terms of its temperament the songs are a full-on assault on the senses. Much of the album revels in its unsettling attitude.

Eerie to its core “Absolute Terror” sets the tone for what follows, as there is a drunken bleary quality to it. Warped trip-hop beats take hold over “An Echo in Space”. By far the highlight “Arrhythmia” sprawls out into the infinite with her vocals particularly on point. Going deep into the red “Don’t Die” features a degree of distortion, as well as offering a scathing critique of the maniac pixies dream girl. On “Hourglass” a driving propulsive beat keeps things steady. With “None of It” there is a Nine Inch Nails “Piggy” quality to the hyperactivity of the tempo. Hypnotic beats adorn “Part of Me”. Pure horror comes through on the cryptic finale of “Really Gone” which brings things to a close.

“Disease of the Mind” shows off Staytus’ uncanny ability to create a truly immersive experience, one that ought to be surrendered to.