SKOPE: Jazmine Flowers ‘detached’

One-to-watch talent Jazmine Flowers returns with a sultry offering ‘detached’ that might hit the spot for those trapped in unrequited situationships. Flowers takes her angelic vocals on a voyage through the random series of emotions after the one-night-stand bliss disappears. 

Alongside the release of Flowers’ latest single, ‘detached,’ she performed at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival, where she acquired a new audience with her charming personality and fresh take on R&B music. With ‘detached,’ you will hear her peeling off yet another layer and showing her cheeky side.

The songstress explains the inspiration behind the track: “‘Detached’ was inspired, simply, by the word detached… I love the image of that classic film scene; the character wakes up the morning after a one-night stand, their arm is stuck under the person they hooked up with, they have to wriggle and slide it out without them noticing, then run out the house! I thought it was a funny concept for a song!”

Jazmine Flowers embodies an unstoppable force on the stage with natural moves and impeccable vocal abilities. At this rate, it seems like she has the world at her feet while becoming one of the unique names and sounds in the UK R&B scene. 

You can listen to ‘detached’ here: