Middlespoon official music video “Crush On U”

MIDDLESPOON is the brainchild, passion project, and life mission of Alexander Beatz. Working with producers/songwriters Lonely Child, Jinx McGee, and MSTR WTVR, he’s crafted a set of catchy, thoughtful pop songs with the swagger of hip-hop, the shimmer of electronic pop, and the irresistible dance beat of disco. “Pop with Purpose”, as he puts it.

The debut album “Brightside” catalyzes Xander’s optimistic point of view and philosophies on love. Each song on the record examines a type of love from Eros to Agape, Platonic to Familial. Even with the lofty concept, the songs are full of catchy hooks and slick production, ranging from the chops of Charlie Puth to the uptown bops of Bruno Mars. Suit and tied up like a Timberlake track or tapping the cosmic insanity of Jamiroquai, this album slinks through a variety of genres with the through line of a soulful melody.

The first single “Crush On U” tells the familiar tale of a new summertime infatuation. Lyrically and then visually set across the beach, the classroom and the high school football game, the song and music video tell a classic school crush, young love story.