Gordon Thomas Ward Sending Out ‘Whispers From The Woods’

Gordon Thomas Ward is a masterful storyteller, accomplished songwriter and true artist who knows how tap into human emotions like no other. On his latest release, ‘Whispers From The Woods’, Gordon was able to keep it close to home literally by recording this album at his cottage on the coast of Maine at Frog Hollow Studio. ‘Whispers From The Woods’ is near & dear to Gordon Thomas Ward and that closeness factor and deep connection will be heard loud & clear on the new record. ‘Whispers From The Woods’ is truly a labor of love for Gordon Thomas Ward and I feel this project will be respected and appreciated by music-goers everywhere!

This is the fourth album for Gordon Thomas Ward and I feel this is some of Gordon’s most inspiring and insightful work to date. The material on ‘Whispers From The Woods’ is beyond well-written and simply showcases Gordon Thomas Ward as a top-tier singer/songwriter in this music industry. With elements of modern folk, rock, americana, country and adult alternative, Gordon is able to capture your imagination and attention one note & lyric at a time. It’s also worth mentioning that Gordon was accompanied by many talented musicians during the making of ‘Whispers From The Woods’. The word is out and the verdict is that ‘Whispers From The Woods’ is a modern day masterpiece that comes straight from the heart.

The record kicks off with the title track, “Whispers From The Woods”, and right away you are whisked away to the wonders of nature that surround you from all directions. A calming sensation and soothing melody rushes over you on “Whispers From The Woods” where you are taken to a place of pure tranquility. Pristine guitar strumming cuts in while Gordon delivers a monumental performance musically, vocally and artistically. “Whispers From The Woods” is also lyrically sharp with thought-provoking lines like: “If we feed our soul, it will make us whole”. “The Gift” of music is presented to US next proving that Gordon Thomas Ward is absolutely gifted in this area. “The Gift” is wrapped together perfectly with bright strings ‘n’ chords and endearing words throughout the recording. The inviting melody and warm message on “The Gift” proves that innocence is not lost but rather hidden or put on hold. Track three, “Shine”, provides such a glowing tone and pleasant vibe overall while being presented as very serious material that is also extremely personal. “Shine” is the perfect song title because Gordon Thomas Ward is shining like a bright star. Next, get ready to roam through wooded trails en route to “Common Ground” where an earthy aura can be detected and growth & promise are imminent. The following song is nothing short of “Brilliant” as Gordon gives you a well-versed composition that is an utter delight to your ears. “Brilliant” spells joyous occasion and offers inspiring lyrics that truly speak to me. With lines like “Fill your life with love and laughter”, you can’t go wrong! Track six, “There Was a Time”, is an extremely delicate number and just emotional to the core. “There Was a Time” is a reflective piece that makes you think back to simpler times and not to mention this song has a fantastic arrangement. The next track, “Fly”, is soaring high and displays Gordon Thomas Ward shooting for the moon & the stars on this fine song. Moving along, it’s time to give you a “Push” where Gordon delivers a touching performance that hits you inside & out. “Push” includes such a comforting atmosphere toward the listener that is very freeing to say the least. Track nine, “Hymn to Love”, is exactly that with an extremely peaceful melody that will warm your soul & ears. Next up on “The 2nd Floor”, one will receive a song about God Himself as Gordon Thomas Ward takes a unique direction here but one that works. “The 2nd Floor” is a song about hope and salvation and will connect and relate with people worldwide. All there is left to say now is “Hallelujah”! Track 11, “Secondhand”, displays a dominant presence overall and a powerful performance by Gordon that fills the air nicely. “Secondhand” will lift you up and lift your spirits! Gordon Thomas Ward ends the 12-song set with “Evening Bell” where the listener hears a gentle yet mighty approach musically. This is a spectacular finish where “Evening Bell” will be ringing in your ears while also captivating your senses. “Evening Bell” is beautifully done and will have you thinking back to golden times by way of cherished memories.

I’m heavily impressed with Gordon Thomas Ward and his efforts on this latest project proving that he has honed in on his craft of story telling and writing songs. Gordon is a masterful singer/songwriter and wonderful lyricist and ‘Whispers From the Woods’ is a true work of musical art. Ward is able to paint a vivid picture through thoughtful words and pristine chords and captures human emotions in amazing fashion. Gordon Thomas Ward is certainly on Top here with his latest release, ‘Whispers From the Woods’ showing the music world what pure quality and human impact sounds like.


By Jimmy Rae