Tanya-Lee Davies New Single ‘Bless You’

A soothing trance-like aspect to Tanya-Lee Davies’ “Bless You” shows off her uncanny ability to dilate time. The rhythms feature prominently. Everything about it feels infinite. Stylistically she draws from a whole slew of different genres, from pop to ambient to country, all of these get filtered through her unique vision. By far the true highlight emerges out of the clever lyricism. Verses get chiseled out for a great deal of care is paid to each one. Over the course of the trip a sense of hope and faith radiates throughout.

A muscular folk sound takes hold right from the beginning. This forceful stride helps to establish much of what follows. Due to this initial impulse the rest of the atmosphere falls into place. Elements of percussion, sitar, and more enter into the fray. Much of the time it is hard to take apart the sound to see precisely what makes it tick. By far the key factor to be found within the journey is a sense of purpose and love for humanity. Such optimism rises up from the whole of the trip, with each verse chosen with care. Word choice truly is essential with each particular pick adding to the mood. Delicately swirling about there is a grace to be had amongst the entirety all the way to the epic finale that ties all loose ends together.

“Bless You” revels in the exquisite beauty of the world, with Tanya-Lee Davies engaging in a mystical form of storytelling.