What Your Lingerie Style Says About You

Lingerie can be such a fun and sexy way to embrace your body and express your personal style. While most people invest in a few lingerie basics like a nude bra, there are many creative styles out on the market. You can tailor your lingerie style to match the clothes that you already wear out and about or you can try out something spicy or experimental that you want to save for the bedroom. Whatever your preference, you want to look for a lingerie set that captures your personal style and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

If you find yourself gravitating more towards a certain lingerie style, then you might just learn a thing or two about the way you prefer to express yourself, the way you feel (or hope to feel) about your body, and even your sexual energy.

If You Love Lace

If you love lace and floral details in your lingerie, then you definitely love embracing your feminine sign. Across multiple cultures and countries, flowers have typically represented femininity, love, beauty, and even pleasure and desire. Lace and floral details tend to come hand-in-hand in lingerie as the delicate yet beautiful nature of flowers pairs well with the delicate fabric.

If you love a delicate, feminine lingerie style, you might also opt for pastels and bra cuts that are less bold than other designs. Babydolls and chemises, for instance, look a lot like nightgowns. They’re comfortable and modest but just a little bit sexy, showing off your hips and curves in all the right places. If a lacy babydoll or floral set is your style of choice, this means you’re a little bit modest and love to be treated like a princess. You might initially seek fuller coverage for your body, but chances are you have a secret naughty side.

If You Wear Garter Belts

If you’re drawn to lingerie sets with garter belts, you’re probably looking to show off your legs and butt. A garter belt traces a provocative line down your thighs, and if this is your lingerie of choice, then you might like things to get a little bit spicy and dangerous. The garter belt is a little bit cheeky, experimental, and teasing without going too over-the-top.

If You Can Pull Off A Strappy Bodysuit

If strappy bodysuits are your preference, then you definitely have nothing to hide! You feel no need for the pretense of lace or silk. The straps of these bodysuits crisscross your body in a pattern that perfectly accentuates your curves. You might wear this lingerie in black or red—any bold color that shows you mean business.

If you really want to show that you’re boss, you might want to wear a number like this with thigh-high stockings and heels to match. Dressing your bottom half while leaving your top half mostly open shows that you like to have a little fun.

If You Prefer A V-Neck Bodysuit

If you prefer more coverage in your lingerie, you might opt for a bodysuit with a plunging v-neck or a teddy. These bodysuits come in a wide variety of materials, including lace, silk, and leather. They look similar to a one-piece bathing suit, but according to fashion blog The Knot, they are somehow even sexier than a separate bra and panty set. Bodysuits with a plunging v-neck can show off a bit of skin without making you too uncomfortable. One thing is for sure—these teddies definitely make you look huggable and squeezable—if that’s what you like.

Bodysuits can also include straps and metal clasps, although not all of them have to be purely straps and nothing else. If this is your preference, then you like wearing pieces that show off your curves and aren’t afraid to let people know that you’re confident.

If You’re Obsessed with Sheer Material

If a sheer lingerie set is your style, then you prefer to look elegant, especially when wearing lingerie. Sheer sets give your partner a little peek at your skin while still leaving enough to be desired. Sheer sets are usually solid-colored without any busy patterns, although they might make use of some tasteful lace to border the sheer material. Of course, you can also find sheer lingerie sets in bodysuit and babydoll styles depending on your preference. Sheer lingerie shows off your taste and elegance but could also mean that you like to play hard to get.

If Costumes Suit You

If you like to wear lingerie that’s suitable for a bit of roleplaying, then you like to have fun and want to make sure that you and your partner add enough spice to keep things interesting. You might become easily bored with ordinary lingerie styles and you’re always willing to try something you have never seen before.


There are so many lingerie styles on the market, and if you’re bored with your usual style, you can always try out something new in order to keep life interesting. If you’re new to lingerie or a little shy, you don’t necessarily have to try out a crazy costume or roleplaying session. Instead, try a variation on a style that already interests you. You’re bound to find something you love!