@skopemag Review – Elektragaaz – ‘Armadas of the Milky Way’

Like a Ennio Morricone soundtrack gone electronic, Elektragaaz engages in a wonderfully wild style with “Armadas of the Milky Way”. The classical bent and cinematic flourishes work to further enhance this sense of purpose. By making sure every single possible twist is given plenty of time to roam the song becomes quite easy to get lost in, for they allow a whole slew of textures into the tapestry. Woven together they all make this gigantic expanse. Melodies matter a great deal for they opt for an ambient disposition at times, with the melody the main source of the sense of rhythm. Less a single song and more a series of interconnected suites, it all feels righteous.

Nor do they waste any time in getting started. From the initial blast of sound the atmosphere becomes all-engrossing. Heavy and dense, the tension they utilize is outright palpable. Groups like Tangerine Dream certainly do appear to be an influence as well, with the sense of space an essential element of the work. No vocals are found within the entire track and none are needed. Quite expressive with their style the song evolves and becomes poignant in its own specific fashion. Hard to precisely pin down, they make sure that it all rolls through with a true purpose, a great grandeur that is outright beautiful to behold.

Elektragaaz shows off their considerable chops on the epic expanse of “Armadas of the Milky Way”.