Rev Peter Unger Presents New Single ‘Sweet Child of Mine’

Rev Peter Unger presents a sweeping, soothing sound with “Sweet Child of Mine”. The placid mood that takes form features a kindness. Lyrics here are drawn from a full life. Verses cascade one after the other incorporating ever more detail into the mix. Inclusion of a chorus for the song presents something new for Unger’s sound, one that bring ever-more people into the fray. Whilst there has been no doubt that he is a caring individual it is doubly refreshing to see his sonic universe expand ever so slightly. Her voice too perfectly accentuates the power of his, for the two blend together in a colorful way that is truly beautiful.

An awe of sorts defines the entirety of the journey. Word choice matters for this is truly a celebration of life. The sense of community definitely feels potent, for the guitar work has a nimbleness that draws attention to the togetherness that feels so free. Everything about it has a decency to it, one which holds nothing back. Over the course of the mellow groove additional flourishes come to the forefront, all of them having a hushed reverence about them. The exploration of faith too further adds to the sense of happiness, of a quiet contentment that runs through the whole experience tying it altogether in a pitch perfect fashion.

“Sweet Child of Mine” revels in Rev Peter Unger’s ability to create an entire universe, one that feels so joyous.