Sarantos Presents “i’m A Bitch”

With all of the music that’s released every single day, it can be tough to find something that really sticks out from the pack, something that you haven’t really heard before. I found that gem when I listened to Sarantos’ new song called “I’m A Bitch”. Its synth-strong instrumental is immediately catchy and makes you want to nod your head to the beat.

However, the real magic happens when Sarantos starts singing. With a unique voice and straightforward lyrics, Sarantos has no issue stealing your attention away from anything else you’re doing or listening to. This song is impossible to ignore once it starts playing.

Detailing his jealousy over a girl that he desires who’s with another man, Sarantos admits a type of behavior that we can honestly all relate to from time to time. We get jealous and bitter, especially when we don’t have something that we want. Sarantos is just straightforward with calling himself out, stating that he’s “become a bitch”, and I can’t help but love the honesty.

If you’re looking for a song that doesn’t beat around the bush and is a joy to listen to, look no further. Sarantos serves it up on a silver platter with his latest single. You can’t miss it!