Greg Hoy & The Boys Presents “Carry Me Back Home”

Greg Hoy & The Boys are back again, right after wrapping their Build Back Bitter tour, with another irresistible indie rock single, “Carry Me Back Home.” Previously, the band shared “Jet Black, Get Back” fresh out of the recording studio, which hyped fans up for their return of live show performances. Before that, they made an emotive, eternally-satisfying cover of “Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell,” putting a modern touch onto this ZZ Top classic. These two recent singles reflect different qualities and potential styles for The Boys, and each do so in a way that showcases their versatility as artists exceptionally. Of course, this should come as no surprise with a leader like Greg Hoy, who has had his hands in virtually every component and layer of the music industry throughout his years of experience. “Carry Me Back Home” continues their trending pattern of success with each track and exists as the second single to be released as part of The Special Party album.

Just as Greg Hoy & The Boys sing in this song, their lyrics “ring like bells inside your ear.” Ultimately, the song is an ode to true friendship targeted at those real friends who have your back through anything and everything. In Greg Hoy’s anecdotal delivery, they are with him following a night out indulging in one too many drinks at the bar. That special person sees it through to keep you from falling down to the ground and get you home safely. The instrumentals from The Boys are steadily propelling, especially with the incredible guitar solo in the middle, generally keeping the song’s energy high while conveying this meaningful, easily understandable theme to listeners.

In between the clips of them playing “Carry Me Back Home” in the studio, the video spotlights other memorable moments that kindled the internal friendships within Greg Hoy & The Boys. Whether they are sitting together having cigars, roaming the streets in all the destinations they travel, or playing shows to an in-person or televised audience, it is obvious the band has a bond far beyond their musical endeavors. What’s more, the idea of being carried back home fits perfectly with Greg Hoy & The Boys making a return to the industrial mecca of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the place they grew up. With more live performances cropping up in the area soon, this single plays perfect homage to where they got their start.

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