New Video By Wai Lana “River of Forgiveness”

Devoting your life to yoga and its spiritual wisdom can profoundly impact how you live. For highly-acclaimed yoga instructor and singer-songwriter Wai Lana, spreading this powerful and influential practice has become her ultimate mission. No stranger to being in the public eye, she has already blown up television and the internet with her TV series Wai Lana Yoga and other training videos. Ever since 2015, when International Yoga Day became a recognized holiday across the globe, Wai Lana has released a new celebratory music video with themes of peace, happiness, hope, respect, and more. This year, she aligned the release of “River of Forgiveness” with International Day of Friendship and, of course, Global Forgiveness Day.

The lyrics for the first half of “River of Forgiveness” carry great weight, as can any grudge held in anger or condemnation. Extremely open and expressive about how people can be mad at their dad, mom, ex-lover, kids, neighbors, and boss, Wai Lana crafts every word with the intent to show how our relationships are tested when any form of confrontation occurs. Following the lengthy list of people who can do us wrong, she meditates and reflects on how the negative feelings and energy overtake us, and what we can do to improve our state of wellness. The remainder of the song involves how to let go of these emotional grievances, welcoming the “River of Forgiveness” to wash over us and cleanse our body and soul. The significance and relatability of this song make it extremely accommodating for new and returning Wai Lana fans, reminding us that relief is attainable if you just give it a chance to find you.

She forms a snowball while explaining her frustration to smash it apart. She stomps forcefully on iced-over water, breaking it as did her heart. Gazing at the subjects in a framed photo, she throws it to the prison floor and shatters the keepsake to pieces. Out of character for Wai Lana, her cooped-up rage is evident, but once she reconciles, everything turns bright and joyful as it should be. Further pushing the widely understood theme and essence of “River of Forgiveness,” the clips feature settings uniting everyone who this music video reaches.

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