SALGORHYTHM Presents “He So Euro”

Few artists today can match up to the eccentric, out-of-the-box approach to music that Salgorhythm has curated. The Detroit-born, Delrey Beach-based artist was exposed to genres ranging from hip-hop, rock, pop, and disco, but he truly fell in love with music rooted in humor as he moved from band to band. LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” played a formative role in identifying the direction Salgorhythm wanted to pursue. The ability to help shape listeners’ moods deeply motivated him to create music that brings a smile to people’s faces. Ready to take his carefree attitude to the next level, listen to Salgorhythm’s track “He So Euro”, co-produced by Marky Bass of the Bass Brothers, who discovered Eminem.

Salgorhythm’s music is multilayered beyond comical bars pulled directly from his irreverently quirky personality and life stories. “He So Euro” was inspired when the artist decided to go commando at a gym sauna; a man commented that the artist must have been from another country for not acknowledging an unspoken rule of keeping a towel on. This locker room exchange led to a full-blown lighthearted hit single that poked fun at the cultural nuances of Europeans. The hilarious video has Salgorthym parading through Florida beaches and cruising in a Maserati in a Speedo, where he reminds us never to take life too seriously. For music that targets observational humor and a laidback perspective of life experiences, listen to Salgorhythm for a pleasant surprise.