New Single From Cory M. Coons “Long Hard Rain”

Sometimes it is very refreshing to know that good old-fashioned Rock N’ Roll still has a place in the indie music scene. Guitarist, songwriter, and troubadour Cory M. Coons proves the rock vibe is still alive on his latest release Long Hard Rain. At the surface this track channels a Heartland rock with a heavy Country influence, reminding me of classic Seger, Earle, and Springsteen yet under this lies a musical mixture of intricate harmonies and subtle but highly effective guitar work. Long Hard Rain features a dynamic vocal performance that spans multiple keys encapsulating the overtones of the steel guitar creating full and interesting harmonies. It is that roots rock feel, that slow blues, however, that keeps the momentum as the guitar explores the many different concepts allowed by the vocals as each cadence creates unique tension while resolving back to that comfortable space which makes audiences relate to the subject matter of the lyrics. In regards to the lyrical content, Cory paints grim imagery of hard times as he casts the metaphor of the stormy emotional ride we all take during our darkest times, yet presents a reactionary vision throughout his coda of better times ahead. This stark subject matter being shaped as a visionary piece uplifts the listener and makes Long Hard Rain very replayable. As Cory signs primarily is a bright major key the juxtaposition to the subject matter challenges his audiences yet makes the experience enjoyable.

The guitar work on Long Hard Rain is the primary sound that captures the attention of the listener, yet not enough can be said of how the vocals are mixed very well into the dynamic range of the underlying chordal tones. This polyphony fills the listening space in a way that suggests a full band is accompanying him. The back line in perspective is incredibly tight. The underlying groove and funk keep this track moving forward, as the clever walking bass suggests the journey will come full circle as the lyrical structure guides us around this theme. Long Hard Rain would fit in perfectly in any Adult Contemporary, Rock, Country, or Middle-Of-The-Road commercial radio playlist. The clever hooks, and catchy rhythms elicit a movement response from the listener and the previously mentioned replayability of the track will ensure success on radio. I really enjoyed Long Hard Rain, and as a fan of this style of songwriting am left feeling refreshed and excited for the next release.