How to Put on a Stellar Music Show With Professional Lights and Sound

Sometimes, a professional light show and sound can make all the difference between an amateur musical act and a stellar act. A professional light show can set the mood, influencing the emotions of the audience. The fact is, it pays for any musician or band to learn all they can about the psychological influence of light and sound. By doing so, they’ll bring their live shows to the next level.

The Influence of Light on the Human Psyche

Undeniably, light influences human perception; from the beginning of time, the quality of sunlight signaled important changes in the environment. The changing light influenced the movement and activities of our early ancestors. For example, some people become depressed during the winter when the sunlight is not as strong. The treatment for seasonal affective disorder involves sitting in front of a specially designed light box.

When used correctly, the light in a performance space can be used to influence the audience’s mood, triggering certain emotional responses. For example, a change in lighting can signal an important point in a song, such as a moment of loss or triumph.

Sound Also Has a Profound Emotional Effect

Musicians intuitively understand the emotional effect sound has on their audience. However, the perfect sound balance can increase the emotional impact exponentially. For example, we’ve all experienced the physical and emotional effects of pounding bass.

Also, mixing sound for a 3D stereophonic effect can be profound. You may have noticed the difference between listening to music through headphones or a single speaker. A professional knows how to mix sound for a live performance to create that 3D stereophonic effect.

Professional AV Services

Most bands that are just starting out do not have the expertise to stage a professional-quality light show. Some companies, like AVEX, know just how true this really is. Also, they may not be able to afford the sound equipment required to stage a truly profound performance. Fortunately, bands can hire professional AV services to enhance their performances. The right mix of sound and light can elevate a live performance into an emotionally moving experience.

Of course, hiring an AV professional is an added expense. But, when you really need your act to shine, hiring professional AV services can ultimately pay off.

Musicians intuitively understand the emotional effect of both light and sound on their audience. However, many do not have the expertise or resources to fully take advantage of that. But, hiring an AV professional on an as-needed basis can increase the impact when it’s really important to leave an emotional impression.