The Metaverse is on everyone’s lips; many doubts and knowledge must be shared to understand what this new virtual trend represents, where not only individuals can get involved but also the economic and financial sectors such as the android system in the bitcoin market can now be made as economic in the world of crypto.

Many companies are entering this new technological concept, and these are the ones that are investing millions of dollars to start developing it from all necessary aspects.

This technology promises to be more evolved, faster, and able to make personal relationships a new way of interrelating, where the perfect channel is digital.

How is the Metaverse being implemented?

The steps of the Metaverse in 2022 are small since it is in a stage of development and creation, but without a doubt, they are firm and safe; nothing stops it.

Metaverse technology promises to be a tool that already characterizes the Internet and its availability. Still, this new virtual world is a platform that will remain available and cannot be eliminated since it will create a new digital universe for its users.

This peculiar characteristic has captivated many commercial and technology companies because they are coming together to increase their income and offer creative and fresh proposals to their existing clients, and the new ones to attract.

Currently, many Startups are taking full advantage of the opportunities and facilities offered by the Metaverse; we can even see how companies like Microsoft and Nike have invested a large part of their budgets in providing their users through their Metaverses, video games, or adaptations from Roblox.

This new virtual world offers not only the commercialization of goods, products, and services but also the possibility of making life around it, where telecommuting is at its most significant level of attraction.

The creation of workstations with remote access today makes the idea of work more enjoyable, independent, and course productive.

Characteristics that stand out from the Metaverse

Countless features highlight the opportunities and benefits of this leap to a much more advanced technology that we are used to bringing, and among some of them, we find:

  • The possibility of connecting at any time of the day, 360 days a year, without having the limitation of space, time, and much less geographical location.
  • With the possibility of interrelating without having to meet physically, just by connecting to this virtual world, social relations can be developed in real-time as if we were in the same Space as other users.
  • Control over the activities and functions in this environment are entirely under the responsibility of its users; there is no controlling entity; it is entirely decentralized.
  • Digital currencies are in charge of functioning as an economic system since it is possible to carry out purchase and sale operations of goods and services through them.
  • The possibility of linking its users through artificial intelligence tools, making the relationship process in the Metaverse go beyond the distance barrier by using these devices.

The types of existing metaverses

As the months go by, new proposals emerge regarding the virtual universes intended to be offered to the digital community.

They range from video games to immersive applications. The feeling of being in these virtual worlds is so natural that users complement themselves with the various facilities they offer.

Among some of the Metaverses that are being used and positioned more and more, we find:

  • The Sandboxing
  • Decentraland
  • Bloktopia
  • Axle infinity
  • Sleepy Space
  • Star atlas

The current phase of the Metaverse

This idea of advanced technology is in its initial phase; However, the origin of the Metaverse dates back several decades; the fact is that it is just being promoted with greater force, which is contributing to the fact that many companies joined the concept and can promote it of effectively in favor of their own and collective interests.

Finance, economics, and commerce, in general, are aimed at being part of this proposal. Still, while it is being built, various options are emerging to adapt users to what is offered in about ten years.


This new step toward technological advances allows not only the Internet to exceed its current level of execution but also allows augmented reality technology and devices to show off their best prototypes in terms of virtual reality.