Michelle A. Jones New Video “Two Dogs & a Rat”

Growing up in a family of creatives, Michelle A. Jones was destined to showcase her talents. After retiring from teaching, she started to weave strings of poetry into lyrical compositions that would become the foundation of her journey into the music industry. Ten years later, she has dedicated her time to perfecting her craft in storytelling and creating music inspired by the realities of the world. She tackles each new project with a fresh and open-minded perspective while adding hints of humor and free-spiritedness that is refreshing compared to the mainstream. Let Michelle A. Jones’s captivating storytelling sweep you away in her new single, “Two Dogs & a Rat.”

Music is often inspired by real life. For Michelle A. Jones, it is the center of her inspiration and muse. In “Two Dogs & a Rat,” the songwriter takes listeners on a comical retelling of her experience lending a helping hand. The bouncy, folk-rock ballad opens with warm vocals that paint the main character’s story of finding a homeless man in a parking lot with two dogs sitting in a cart. As a gesture of kindness, he offers the man a ride; midway through, the homeless man mentions he also has a pet rat. The funny encounter sparks a friendship that lasts a few months and shows that you can make light of any situation. See the story in vibrant animation in the music video for “Two Dogs & a Rat.”