Black Masses Present Self-Titled Album ‘Black Masses’

Black Masses bring hard rock and garage rock together on their unhinged self-titled effort. Volume is a given for they play as loudly as they possibly can. Everything here has a degree of wild, feral spirit to it. They dive deep into rock’s very soul within each of these tracks while they conjure up a feeling that is quite timeless. Forgoing trends, they opt instead for a truly classic approach, one that has an arena-like expanse to all of it. Vocals scream through the din helping to work as the very unifying force of the entire thing.

“Hell is Knocking” starts things off with a sheer blast of energy, and it only increases from there. Tempos are brought to their breaking point. Eerie atmospherics draw the listener close on the expanse of “Creepin” as the guitar get woven together to make a wonderful tapestry. Lyrics have a gothic cryptic poetry to them. A sheer wall of sound crashes over the listener as “On the Come Up” has them completely and fully freak on out. Confidence reigns supreme on the swagger of “What did I do?”. Modest Mouse’s sense of freedom rolls as “Perfect” is a pure rush. Things mellow a bit on “Deep Sea Crash Dream” by far the highlight of the album, with a stately grandeur to it. Bringing the whole thing to a satisfying close is the title track “Black Masses”.

Everything about Black Masses’ self-titled effort revels in its purely chaotic yet strangely appealing gigantic sound.