Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger Online at Casino Fun88

Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular card games at Fun88 online casino. Find out how to bet on Dragon Tiger Fun88asia card game in the following article to win big bonuses!

Dragon Tiger Game Rules Fun88

At Fun88 live casino , players will be able to play Dragon Tiger directly with beautiful Dealers. Each new game session, the Dealer deals 2 cards Dragon and Tiger. The player’s task is to bet on the available doors to predict whether the Dragon or Tiger hand has a higher score.

How to deal cards

Dealer uses 8 decks of 52 cards.

The dealer draws the first card from the deck and walks away.

Next, the Dealer deals 1 card for each Dragon and Tiger hand (face down).

How to compare cards

The general rule of Dragon Tiger Fun88 card games is to compare scores first. The score values ​​are as follows:

Card K: 13 points

Card Q: 12 points

Card J: 11 points

Cards 2 – 10: keep the same card score

Ace: 1 point

In addition, some products will compare to the quality of cards. For example, Super Dragon Tiger, the order of hand will be: Bich (♠) > Co (♥) > Nhap (♣) > Ro (♦)

Types of bets

The main bet of the game is: Dragon / Tie / Tiger, ie the player predicts the result of the match and bets. The bonus rate for each door is different for each product. In which, Dragon/Tiger is usually at x1.97 – 1, Draw has a ratio of 1 to 8. In addition, players can participate in side rafters of Dragon Tiger such as:

Even/Odd : Guess whether the card in the Dragon/Tiger door has an even or odd score.

Red / Black : Guess the color of the card dealt at the Dragon / Tiger door.

Instructions to join

Step 1 : Create an account and log in to Fun888asia lottery online casino  >> Top up your account

Step 2 : Access the item “ CASINO ” on the menu bar >> Select the product “ Dragon Tiger ” >> Select the product you want to experience.

Step 3 : Wait for a new session to start and place bets.

Dragon Tiger is a folk card game with a simple way to play, easy to earn money. To have new experiences and earn great rewards with Dragon Tiger card game, join Fun88 online casino now!