Twelve Days Of June Release Bittersweet Single ‘Hoped You Couldn’t Tell’

Twelve Days Of June may be known for their soft rock roots, yet in their latest single ‘Hoped You Couldn’t Tell’, they let us into the more country-pop corners of their artistry. Coming off their recent full-length album ‘Anhedonia’, ‘Hoped You Couldn’t Tell’ is a completely relatable, instinctively emotive and beautifully crafted testament to The artists’ versatility. Dave Hulegaard, AKA Twelve Days Of June, has flexed many musical muscles on his latest project ‘Anhedonia’. It’s an album swimming in soft rock currents, bold lyricism and slick instrumental interplay, and ‘Hoped You Couldn’t Tell’ is a total standout. 

The single bursts straight into action with the vocals hitting the mark straight out the gate. One of the most captivating elements of Twelve Days Of June is Dave Hulegaard’s uniquely comforting vocal tone. He toes the line between confident and intimate with effortless, easy-going flair. In ‘Hoped You Couldn’t Tell’ you can hear the country inflections of Dave’s influence; perhaps more so in this track than any of the others from Anhedonia. His solid tone and complete command of the tune make the seemingly simple melodies all the more mesmerising. These melodies once draped over the slick guitar chords and solid drum line, become completely catchy. ‘Hoped You Couldn’t Tell’ is the kind of tune you’ll be humming along too well into your first listen and, most likely, for hours after. It’s easy to find pieces of yourself within the intricate lyricism that flows throughout this track. I’m sure we’ve all once hoped someone couldn’t see the parts of us we wish weren’t there, Twelve Days Of June has just given us a reason to sing about them. The innate emotion of this track is sewn into the subtle melody changes and bold drum breaks as Dave Hulegaard helps us navigate this complex state of mind. These drum fills create a captivating current within the track and we, as listeners, begin to be pushed and pulled by its sway. It’s quite the treat to be caught up in the tide. Whilst Twelve Days Of June may confess to not being perfect, listening to ‘Hoped You Couldn’t Tell’ on a bright sunny morning might be pretty close. 

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By Sasha Lauryn