Bruce Sudano New Video “Ode To Nightingale”

Bruce Sudano’s career has spanned decades and genres, working with Tommy James; rocking with Alive N Kickin’ and Brooklyn Dreams; writing hit songs for Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and Dolly Parton. He even started up Purple Heart Recording Company to support the next generation of musicians. Even the pandemic did not stop this hit-making machine; instead, it fueled his creative vision and drive to achieve greatness. He donned the name “Super Bruce” for his ability to stay positive through some of life’s biggest hardships. He utilizes that persona to inspire listeners that anything is possible, so long as you believe in yourself.

Nightingales vividly represent beauty, melody, and tranquility, all components that make up Bruce Sudano. You could say a nightingale is his spirit animal – after all, the bird is known for its enchanting tunes. Bruce Sudano honors the scruffy bird in his latest track, “Ode to a Nightingale,” a breezy collection of guitar strums, bumping drums, and maraca shakes that soar above the daily routine. The music video is also unique and may suggest that Bruce Sudano may be entering a new era creatively. The video does not feature his classic cut-out animation style but instead is a mature and abstract visual with punchy colors and warping shapes. The video captures the free-spirited folk nature of the single, bringing viewers to a peaceful state of mind in the chaos of our everyday lives.

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