New Video By Sp8ce Owl “70s Somewhere”

Those truly enthralled by music understand best that music can move you and make you feel certain ways with or without words. This known fact is fully embraced and is the driving success behind Sp8ce Owl and his EDM hits. Although Sp8ce Owl is relatively new to the music industry, just starting to publicly share his productions in 2021, the world welcomed his talent with his debut EP, A Future’s Past. Since then, he has continued to build a fanbase through his subsequent releases, such as his single “Dancing in an Empty Room” on his first full-length album, A Room Without Walls. Now, he is doling out song after song that is being featured in his newest EP, Quantum Fluctuations; first, he gave his fans and followers “Miami 1987 (Earth 246),” and now they have “70s Somewhere.” With that, if Sp8ce Owl continues to deliver digitized instrumental excellence that has consistently been on an upward trend, there is no doubt that this newest single will push his career yet another step further up the EDM totem pole.

As can be expected with a song called “70s Somewhere,” Sp8ce Owl takes listeners back to the decade of boomboxes with its groovy synthesizers and catchy electronic drum beats. The leading melodic phrase that is repeated throughout has a naturally captivating rhythm about it, but its backing track has subtle changes and add-ons each time that adds more depth to the layered instrumental as a whole. So, it is almost a given that a new sound detail and/or effect can be discovered after every listen. The layers build up more and more, eventually reaching a climax that can get anyone dancing without them thinking anything of it, and as the song closes, there are a few more stripped down versions of the melody until it fades out to silence. Still, the song’s end will not mean the party is over. “70s Somewhere” is the definition of an earworm that will be stuck in your head and be tirelessly on loop countless times before the tune is really worn out. However, if playing this Sp8ce Owl hit over and over is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Also common in the ’70s — and other Sp8ce Owl visuals, including this one — is psychedelic animations. The video begins by taking viewers back in time through a blackhole portal. Suddenly immersed in space, the camera shots give the perspective of the classic cartoon owl, eventually seen in the frame soaring across space and time. From beginning to end, all life forms on different planets and in different universes are jamming out to this single. From humans on Earth to aliens on Mars to robots in unexplored territories, “70s Somewhere” reigns supreme to all the masses.