LA Laura Paris Presents “Kissing Boys”

Multi-talented is an understatement for La Laura Paris, the artist known to most as LA. She is an artist of many forms, and whether it’s visual, fashion, dance, and music, she brings her free-spirited aura to the forefront. Hailing from Brussels, LA Laura Paris began her musical journey at 5 when she attended the Music Academy. From then on out, it had become her favorite form of self-expression. Inspired by the electro-pop scene that fills the nightlife, she began tapping into the genre through producing, writing, and composing her music. She has curated a sound that can move any crowd, with beats that radiate in your heart and angelic melodies that will have you craving more. Her latest song, “Kissing Boys,” places her musical and dancing talents on display and is ready for international exposure.

The first kiss is electrifying, a sudden connection between two souls in a moment of overwhelming passion. It is about discovering how each of your magnetic energies pushes and pulls one another, the rush of chemical bonds from the touch of your lips revealing hidden desires. A kiss can say a lot about a person and who they are. A timid introvert, a hopeless romantic, or one that likes to take a walk on the wild side. To LA, a kiss is the tell-all and a glimpse into their heart. In her music video for “Kissing Boys,” the artist harnesses the euphoric feelings of kissing in a mesmerizing visual full of neon lights, glitter, and otherworldly costumes. LA’s hypnotic vocals melt into the electronic soundscape of pulsing beats and synths, with flawless choreography and use of American Sign Language to expand her music to the deaf community. In the “Kissing Boys” video, LA Laura Paris shows that love has no bounds.