Edwrd New Track ‘Dgaf No Mo’

Edwrd delivers a truly defiant anthem with “Dgaf No Mo.” Pop, country, and dance blend into this infinitely catchy sound. Things get balanced in a delicate way, making sure every flourish matters completely. The production here keeps things crisp. Making sure every single element receives the right amount of space, the song has an expansive beauty to it. By far though, the vocals prove to be the most prominent feature. Sung with passion, the track doesn’t fail to enthrall.

A spacious echoey sound starts things off with gusto. Upon the beats hitting, the song enters into a rather economic groove. The sound feels geometric, like watching a piece of paper getting folded into origami. Guitars right in the background further flesh out the experience giving it such depth to it. Over the course of the track, the buildup has a satisfying, realistic quality to it. Bass, in particular, has a subtle hue, for it worms its way through the entirety of the track while remaining very lowkey. Yet the bass truly works wonders as a nice counterpoint to his highly expressive vocals. For the final stretch, he lets it loose a little bit, just letting a dreamy disposition take hold before it all seems to recede off into the distance.

“Dgaf No Mo” revels in Edwrd’s playful lyricism, the verses intersect to create something that has an extreme honesty to it.