New Video By Greg Hoy & The Boys “Jet Black, Get Back”

For over two decades, Greg Hoy has dominated the indie rock scene and conquered many areas of the industry as an experienced songwriter, producer, indie label owner, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and more. He also hosts his own podcast, Limited Mileage, where he gets to connect and chat with fellow makers, creatives, and musicians about their unique journeys and adventures. Hoy has had several musical projects over the years — The Royal Panics, Twice as Bright, Greg Hoy & The Boys, Greg Hoy & The Enablers — but with the perspective from multiple stages of the creative process, his delivery of original and eternal rock hits has remained consistent, continuing to spread them like a contagion to music fans everywhere. His latest single release, “Jet Black, Get Back!,” comes just in time to celebrate his upcoming Build Back Bitter tour. Loyal fans might recall that his 2020 tour got canceled due to the months of isolation that ensued with the global coronavirus pandemic. “Jet Black, Get Back!” comes just in time to hype up and excite followers as Hoy prepares to rejoice with his following and catch up on lost touring time this summer.

With a deep understanding of what it takes to make heads turn toward an artist, Hoy holds the secret to musical greatness, creating songs destined to be met with great success. “Jet Black, Get Back!” is full of classic rock n roll features, like heavy guitar riffs and driving drum backbeats. Still, with a catchy melody with the captivating powers of some of the best pop artistry, listeners do not need to be all-in rockers to enjoy this smashing single. Anyone hearing this song will feel a strong desire to sing and dance along with its tuneful melody. After all, that’s what Hoy does best.

One thing can’t be denied when watching “Jet Black, Get Back!”: Hoy and his band are full of energy and excitement in the studio recording this track. The video captures all the natural and fun moments of Hoy doing what he loves and what he was put on this planet to do. From the start, viewers get the spontaneity of Hoy’s instrumentalists starting the song upon his cue, and when Hoy enters the frame, his performance embraces his quirky enthusiasm that lures fans in time and time again. The band feels the music just as much as Hoy, and together, they are an unbeatable quartet of rock charm. Through and through, the visual holds pure entertainment value at its best, mimicking what can be expected from Hoy once he is on the trails of his Build Back Bitter tour starting May 1!