Brunette Release Stunning Single ‘Fight Night’

Throughout the whole of Brunette’s discography there’s one common theme; stunning storytelling and interesting narratives laid over delicately designed soundscapes that seem to reflect them. Brunette’s latest single ‘Fight Night’ is another example of their stunning ability to encapsulate a scenario with colourful and captivating imagery. Having been released with their other latest track ‘Pall Mall’, ‘Fight Night’ delves further into the consuming depths of their acoustic sound. 

The ethereal energy flowing throughout this track creates tides upon tides of musical magic. With an intriguing sampled intro, Brunette sets the tone of this sweet little ditty. There’s an effervescence twinkling over each section of this song. Perhaps it’s the sweeping guitar lines punctuating each melody. Perhaps it’s the atmospheric ad-libs that swim through the soundscape. Perhaps it’s all of these elements blended together. There’s an elegance to the vocal melodies that sail over the guitar-led landscape. The delicate interwoven guitar gestures create a colourful backdrop for the catchy hook, as the sweet simplicity of the melodies in Fight Night makes this track such instinctive ear candy. Simple they may feel, but they are brought to life by the captivating tone of Brunette’s vocals. Brunette hits each note with intimate accuracy, allowing you to feel every single syllable. There’s a natural charm and flair that flows from Brunette’s vocal lines; it draws you in and holds you there throughout the entire song. There are powerful moments of interesting production that elevate this track to a whole new level. Distorted vocals and creeping echoes decorate the sonic landscape of Fight Night and make this track one you can’t help but come back to. This song feels like a summer soundtrack. Utter easy listening, glistening with guitar and carried by melodies that melt into your mood.

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By Sasha Lauryn