New Video By Star2 “Run Away”

The most profound art derives from personal experiences that played a formative role in shaping who you are and what you stand for. Hip-hop has allowed for a kinetic flow between storytelling and expression in a truly unique way. For STAR2, it’s his therapy, passion, and inspiration to overcome hardships. Since he was young, he has seen real struggle and the beauty that can come of it. From fleeing a Thai refugee camp as a child to navigating his youth in San Diego, music has been there with him through it all, providing a safe space for him through the chaos. His environment has helped him develop emotionally resonant narratives, melodic hooks, and calculated bars. STAR2 channels that energy into creating one-of-a-kind hit tracks that hit deep and open your perspective on love, identity, and real-world issues that anyone can connect with.

STAR2 lets his poetry flow freely in “Run Away,” a track dedicated to the reality of social issues the world is facing today and the core lessons we have to learn from them. The artist understands the true meaning of having a platform and raising awareness when we need it most. He doesn’t shy away from topics like war, unemployment, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Ukraine-Russia conflict. It is a poignant track that brings STAR2’s lyrical honesty and good-hearted intention into the spotlight, providing listeners a look into his own personal struggles that many can relate to. The song tackles some of the most difficult feelings and emotions we have been dealing with in recent times in a genuine manner. Allow yourself to broaden your perspective with “Run Away.”