5 best Carpet cleaning techniques and types you should 

carpet adds aesthetic appeal to a home. They are made of soft fibers with an upper layer attached to the back of the sheet. Carpet cleaning involves removing dust stains, soil, bacteria, dirt, and allergens from carpets to look as good as new.

Good carpets can last for 3 to 6 years, but wool and other types of carpets can last for a lifetime if they are looked after properly. Is carpet cleaning necessary?

Carpet cleaning prevents the odor of bacteria and allergens and maintains their appearance. It is recommended to have your carpet cleaned and maintained regularly by experts, like commercial carpet cleaning Seattle services.

Carpet types:

Modern carpets come in many varieties, such as:

1- Wool carpets

Wool carpets are considered 100% high-quality carpets. They are soft to touch, sustainable, luxurious, resistant to fire, eco-friendly.

2- Nylon carpets 

These are synthetic carpets. Nylon carpets are comfortable, soft, and mold resist means they can repel water. These qualities make them incredibly popular in traffic areas.

 3- Polymer

Some carpet manufacturers can synthesize their polymers having qualities of comfort, stain resistance, ecofriendly, and softness.

What causes carpets to get dirty?

In household chores such as dusting, piles of fabric can trap household debris. Whether dust, debris, skin stains, pet hair, etc., cleaning carpets is essential.

Five best Carpet cleaning techniques:

Let’s discover the best carpet cleaning techniques used worldwide by the best professional carpet cleaning companies. Our goal is to provide you with information about how the best professional Carpet cleaning companies help you clean your carpet professionally using different strategies. 

1-   Dry powder cleaning:

The dry powder cleaning method is also called a host system. In this technique, gentle, natural carpet cleaner combines with water, detergent, or other solvents for safe cleaning purposes. Upon pouring the mixture over the mat, sponge-like bubbles appear on it, which help to absorb dust. Bubbles on sponges wash the carpet clean, and the rugs look new.

2-Encapsulation cleaning:

The first step in encapsulation cleaning is vacuuming the carpets. An agitation machine is then placed on the rug that separates all dust and other allergens from the carpet. It is a quick and easy way to clean a rug.

3-   Bonnet cleaning:

Bonnet cleaning is also known as dry cleaning. This method only treats the carpet’s upper surface, making it dry in 30 seconds. Cleaning using self-neutralizing detergent is part of this process. A dry cotton bonnet pad is attached to the agitator scrubber on the mat to absorb dirt particles and make the rug fresher and more usable.

4–   Hot water extraction:

Dust can be effectively removed from carpet fibers with hot water extraction. The technique involves mixing high-temperature water with a cleaning agent and supplying it to the carpet to remove the stain dust and other soil from its fibers. Furthermore, a powerful carpet vacuum removes all the dirt and dust from the carpet. It is used both in commercial and domestic use.

5–   Professional steam cleaning:

A professional steam cleaning uses high pressure and high temperatures. This technique effectively removes dust, dirt, odor, bacteria scents, etc.