10 Inspiring Podcast Ideas To Surprise Your Listeners


Podcasts are becoming a cultural phenomenon; listening to them is like a daily routine for many of the millennial and Z-gen internet users. Podcasts cater to various niches, which interest nearly all types of listeners one way or the other. It might seem there are no more ideas left to surprise your listeners, but there are still a lot of unexplored topics you can dive into. If you are interested in increasing the number of subscribers to your podcast, you can grow your brand and audience with Libsyn’s podcast hosting service and you can have a look at the following ideas that can surprise your audience.

1. Motivational Speaking

Although it is not a new idea, it still has a lot of potentials. It might seem bad, but talking about something that you had to overcome to find success is a nice idea to engage your listener. Or you can talk about other stuff; the point is to motivate your listener positively.

2. Starting Night-Time Podcasts

You might not get enough listeners, but the ones you do will be loyal to the podcast. There are some late-night podcasts, but you can differentiate from them in content. It can be as silly as telling some spooky story or you can also talk about serious topics that are trending.

3. Playing Mini-Games

Engage your audience in mini-games such as puzzles, guessing something, or wordplays.

4. Interviewing Strangers

If you can, take your podcast on the streets and interview random people. They can be anyone from a cab driver to a shopkeeper; if the questions are carefully planned, your listener will be interested. You can ask them specific or generic questions, as long as it stays entertaining and worth listening to.

5. Teaching New Skills

Learn a new skill or invest your time in a new hobby along with your listeners. The idea can inspire both you and the listener and will also grow listeners’ interest in your podcast. Make a video of whatever you are learning and share it with your listeners.

6. Starting a Travel Series

This idea will cost you extra money but it will make your podcast an instant hit. Travel to different places, narrate your experiences and feelings, and engage the audience at every step. If you are low on cash, start visiting your local attractions and other places. The idea is to engage the listener into having the same experience as yours.

7. Discussing Special Occasions

If you are preparing for a special event, record its preparation and detail everything.

8. Teaching How to Trade

There are a lot of podcasts dedicated to stock trading. However, if you know the markets well, it can be one of the best ideas for podcasts. You can teach someone new about stocks and how to spot indicators that financially profit them.

9. Sharing Product Reviews

This idea can also help you land a major sponsor. All you have to do, is unbox a product, use it and record your review. People are interested in someone else’s experience before buying anything new.

10. Discussing Funny Parenting

If you have small children, then there is comedy in your life. Share it with your listener for a good laugh.

Podcasting will never be short of creative ideas that will surprise your listener and attract new ones. Get inspiration from the above ideas to grow your podcast and entertain listeners.