Martin Polanco – Healthy habits you should develop in the office

One of the most common complaints from those working in a corporate office is that they simply aren’t given enough time to unwind and to relax. Of course, there are times where workers find themselves stuck at their desks for hours on end – especially if an important deadline is approaching – but going to work shouldn’t be a matter of enduring what can sometimes feel like forced labour.

Martin Polanco says, lack of satisfaction at work is bound to lead to low productivity, high turnover rates and dissatisfaction among employees. In order for companies to start promoting happiness among their workers, it’s necessary for both employers and employees alike to begin taking steps towards establishing better work-life balance by incorporating healthy habits into daily routines. And the best part about these tips?

They’re all easy to follow.

1) Take a five minute break every hour

Taking regular breaks throughout the work day will help to re-energies employees. It’s necessary for employers to make sure that their staff are given time away from their desks, since staying in one place for extended periods of time can cause stiffness and even lead to potential health issues like deep vein thrombosis. Workers should be encouraged by management to get up and stretch, take a walk around the office or simply grab a drink of water during these brief pauses in work hours.

2) Make use of your lunch break

Rather than save up tasks for when they’re over, workers should take full advantage of their company’s allotted lunch breaks. Rather than eating at the desk or grabbing a sandwich while they’re still in meetings, employees should be encouraged to take 30 minutes away from their employers’ premises. Having lunch with colleagues is also an easy way to build team morale and encourage collaboration across departments.

3) Reduce stress by improving fitness

Employees who are looking for ways they can improve their physical health during the day should aim to work out on work time. Companies that have vending machines stocked with sports drinks and healthy snacks will help their staff members feel more inclined to plan gym sessions into their schedules before work starts. In order to incentivize those who haven’t been as proactive as others, companies could come up with reward programmes that allow workers access to certain amenities achieving milestones such as losing a certain amount of body fat or going a certain number of days without eating junk food. Offering both monetary and non-monetary compensation will help to encourage fitness among employees, since stress is a major factor that keeps workers from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

4) Drink lots of water throughout the day

It’s common for workers to spend hours on end behind their computer screens without ever taking a break to hydrate themselves with beverages like tea, coffee or even water. By encouraging staff members to drink more water during the day, employers can cut down on dehydration levels that might occur as a result of staying in one place for too long. Drinking at least two liters per day will not only make employees feel better about them but it can also lead to improved productivity at work.

5) Set achievable goals and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving them

Whether it’s working towards a goal that can be completed during office hours or setting out to accomplish something that will take longer, employees should feel free to set personal goals for themselves. By establishing these benchmarks, workers can feel more motivated and inspired – especially if they’re given the opportunity to discuss their ambitions with colleagues and/or managers. Having an open dialogue about how both the company and its staff members can achieve success as a result of improved productivity as well as morale is beneficial to everyone involved. This article was written by Intertech. Intertech provides business IT support services, systems integration and managed services to SMEs across London.

Conclusion by Martin Polanco:

Employees who follow healthy lifestyle habits will boost their productivity levels and even move up the corporate ladder as a result. It’s important for managers to implement these five easy-to-follow suggestions so that workers can feel comfortable and motivated enough to lead healthier lifestyles during and after working hours.