Mitch Linker Single “Catastrophizing” From New Album ‘In Time’

A wonderful driving rhythm races through Mitch Linker’s “Catastrophizing”. The buildup of the song is majestic. With the overall krautrock-like tempo locking into pace the song sprawls out into the seemingly infinite. His voice truly sells it though sung with a crystal clarity that feels downright reassuring. Volume works wonders for it is an absolute given. By tying it altogether with the sheer tenor of his voice he makes sure it all has a lush, luxurious spirit to it. Guitars, keyboards, and the sheer rawness of the drums gives the word choice so much strength.

Hushed at first, he wastes no time in letting it all work together to create this clear-eyed focus. Great color filters into the mix making sure it swirls about with the right degree of love to it. Vocals have a muscle to them, for his rapid-fire delivery in the right places helps to accentuate the sheer presence of the work. Lots of care and compassion get poured into the sound. Right when it is time for the guitar work to shine, it does in a nearly psychedelic way. Quite fantastic interplay allows the piece to have a delicate presence to it, one that yearns to fully break free. Capturing the zeitgeist of what anxiety does to a person there is an ability for the song to simply sprawl out into the infinite.

“Catastrophizing” offers a powerful message done with dignity proving Mitch Linker to be an incredible sculptor of sound.