Noorani Pirani New EP ‘Phoenix’

A powerful physicality adorns the entirety of Noor’s “Phoenix EP.” The title proves to be aptly named for it rises from the ashes to come into bright, brilliants bursts of color. Flows feature this fiery presence with exquisite detail added to heighten the entirety of the experience. Elements of trap, classic hip-hop, R&B, and EDM add to the atmosphere’s sheer heft. By far, the very heart comes from the clever lyricism that runs through the entirety of the work. Whole worlds are referenced from the sheer gigantic scope of the sound.

“Sinkin’ (feat. JakeFromSpace)” starts things up in a fantastic way, for the work rumbles around with its steely-eyed determination. Drums hit with a world-weariness to them. The buildup is done with dignity, “Money on My Mind (Trippadelix)” holds nothing back. Percussion snaps, and the vocals have a commanding presence, with bass going deep into the red. Easily the highlight and true center of the collection, “Phoenix” has a chaotic cadence to it, featuring truly dignified defiance. Paranoia reigns supreme on “Conquest/Overthrown (feat. Morgan Gold),” for the song has a cyclical quality constantly defying easy expectation. The samples of “Long Live the King (feat. Sasha Go Hard)” have a graciousness to them. Bringing the whole thing home comes the tremendous strength of “Who I Am,” which closes things up on a reflective kick.

“Phoenix EP” proves Noor to be an exceptional wordsmith with narratives that linger on in the mind long after the tracks have ended.