Alias Wayne Gives Us A Sunday Soundtrack With New Single ‘Chaperon’

Alias Wayne has shown he has a knack for creating captivating and creative songs time and time again. His whole discography is bursting with colour and creativity, as his unique blend of Americana, blues and Caledonian soul has, quite frankly, created a genre in itself. In his latest release ‘Chaperon’ he’s swayed into the sweet sounds of a Latin, country-based romance. 

The most wonderful thing about ‘Chaperon’ is the free-flowing, easy-going feel to the whole thing. It’s hard to tell when one verse ends and another begins, making this song one of those Sunday mornings, lay in your bed and watch the sunrise songs. The percussion in this track is utter ear candy as the bongos and tambourine are perfectly panned in the mix. They cut through the thickness of the electric guitar and bass with crystal clear quality, adding a refresher to the lower frequencies. Much like the blurry boundaries of the sections, it’s hard to tell where Alias Wayne begins and the guitar riffs end. They intertwine beautifully throughout the whole track; one moment they are united to underline a certain refrain and the next they’re dancing with each other with an infectious playful feel. Speaking of melodies, the hook in ‘Chaperon’ is one you won’t be able to stop humming well after the track is finished. It’s completely catchy, but not at all in the usual frustrating manner an earworm gets stuck in your head. It stays with you, lingering with an easy-going air. Each time it begins to float through your head, it reminds you to relax, sit back and enjoy the moment. Alias Wayne’s vocals are utterly outstanding throughout. He has such a naturally warm quality to his vocals, it makes it even harder not to keep coming back to his songs time and time again. The effortless and casual feel to Alias Wayne’s vocals adds to the easy-going, friendly feel of this track. ‘Chaperon’ is a light-hearted, lusciously layered track from Alias Wayne — one I would highly recommend for those lazy days and slow Sunday mornings. 

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– Sasha Lauryn