Southbound 75 Present “Spilled Champagne” and “Not Ready To Say I’m Sorry Yet”

A rustic slice of Americana comes through with Southbound 75’s soulful odes. Done with a great amount of dignity he proves to be an exceptional storyteller. The worldview depicted amongst these pieces has a grandeur about it, one that feels doubly fresh. Guitar work features a greatness to it. Riffs have a beauty about it, one where every single element falls into place. By making sure the rest of the sound has a great thoughtfulness to it the lyricism has a careful quality. Vocals rest in the very center of the whole work for the lyrics cascade downwards in a wonderfully powerful way.

“Not Ready To Say I’m Sorry Yet” taps into the heartache that comes with a breakup. The cleverness of the song resides in his references to the contemporary, the leftover photos on a phone, the way that after splitting up there are all those breadcrumbs remaining. While it used to be better to have that clean split from somebody the resulting element is something completely different, one that has a haunted quality. The ghost of that long-gone relationship lingers no matter what a person does. Much kinder of a track “Spilled Champagne” has a heartfelt grace to it. Here his voice conveys something different, the way that a bond starts to form. With a nice little groove to guide it along the song has a sunny, western twang about it.

Southbound 75 proves their honestly and earnest attitude with their carefully crafted odes.