Indica vs Sativa: Which Strain Is Right for Me?

Sativa and indica serve as the two main types of cannabis. These plants work for both medicinal and recreational needs. While many people experiment to determine the type that works best for them, learning about the types and strains can make you a more informed user. Research on the effects of these two strains remains limited, so most of the stated effects come from primarily anecdotal sources.

Sativa for Stress Reduction, Energy, and Focus

Cannabis sativa grows in hot and dry climates. The plant itself needs a significant amount of sun. Many dispensaries tout sativa as providing an energizing experience. This energizing experience often results in a reduction in both stress and anxiety. Sativa use supports an increased sense of creativity and focus. For individuals who need help coping with highly stressful situations, the sativa strain may offer an effective solution. Many people also recommend sativa for use during the day.

Indica for Deep Relaxation and Contemplation

Cannabis indica typically comes from more mountainous, harsh, and turbulent climates. Many users believe that indica offers more full-body effects. Often, you’ll find advocates of indica suggesting that the strain offers far-reaching benefits, including deep relaxation and insomnia reduction. Advocates may recommend indica for someone who needs to calm down or experiences sleep issues. Indica also works well for those who want the benefits of deep relaxation. Most users recommend indica for use at night.

More Options to Consider

Frontier Medicine, LLC and other dispensaries sell sativa, indica, and hybrid types. A hybrid tends to include a combination of both sativa and indica. Many in the industry have started to offer information on the various compounds. Strains, also known as chemovars, include components like THC and CBD. Typically, you can find three different types: Type I, Type II, and Type III. Type I consists of the highest amount of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Type II contains a combination of THC and CBD. Type II offers a good solution for those who want a small psychoactive effect and also want the benefits of the non-impairing CBD. The final compound is CBD, which gives the advantage of pain reduction and nausea reduction.

Choosing the Right Type

Consulting with a specialist in a dispensary can provide you with some deeper insights and personal recommendations to fit your needs. If you don’t want to experience the high often associated with sativa and indica types, you can choose an option that gives you pure CBD. While people often recommend sativa for more energizing effects and indica for deeper relaxation, the truth is everybody is different. You may need to try several different types and brands of sativa and indica to find the one that works best for your needs.