BOSCO Presents “Raven”

Storytelling is not an easy craft by any means. It requires the ability to captivate the audience’s attention in a way that taps into their psyche. For Idaho-based Americana/Country/Blues artist BOSCO, it serves as an integral part of his musicality. His discography settles somewhere between the familiar and the unknown, always pushing the boundaries to bring his narrative to life. Encounter a journey of profound lyricism and cascading instrumentals in BOSCO’s latest hit, “Raven,” for a new perspective on the biggest life lessons.

“Raven” is dark and gritty, weeping a mournful story of love and loss. BOSCO puts into words the hardest feelings to endure: the desire to take the pain away from your loved ones and bring them to a better place and state of mind. The instrumentals set the tone, with the guitar bringing in intense emotion that layers beautifully with the vocals. The “Raven” music video captures the essence of BOSCO’s artistry and his ability to weave together a narrative. It follows a broken family that seems to have lost their daughter to supernatural powers. A hero, presumably the father, comes to save them and help guide them into the sunlight. The addicting chorus and visually stunning video will have you playing repeat.