Baker Grace Presents “Lullaby”

Without a doubt, Baker Grace was born gifted and destined for success as a natural performer and outstanding creative artist in the pop and alternative world. Formerly known as Bitter’s Kiss, she instantly grabbed the media’s attention and assembled what has been an ever-expanding audience base with her 2015 debut EP. Fast forward to late 2021, she has continued to make waves and maintain her flourishing reputation with her “Midnight Thoughts” single. This Weehawken, New Jersey native has made enormous strides in advancing her career, but her latest feat is nothing short of exceptional. Baker Grace’s latest single, “Lullaby,” is set to be the leading hit on the original soundtrack of the new movie, Last Survivors. With a cast of stars including Alicia Silverstone, Drew Van Acker, and Stephen Moyer, Baker Grace has made it big time.

Fitting for a song meant to have a calming, soothing effect, Baker Grace’s vocals in “Lullaby” are soft and gentle. Her voice delivers a sweet and rich tone through candid, meaningful lyrics paired with a dynamic instrumental. The piano sets the peaceful mood from the start, and the chime accents add something unique. As the bass and synthesizer enter — later joined by the comforting guitar strumming in the second verse — the song is driven forward by moving, artfully-curated beats.

Throughout the song, Baker Grace sings about the pain of being lied to while knowing there is trouble brewing. She exemplifies persistence and not letting the obstacles that cross your path knock you down to the point of no recovery. She also touches on her ways of coping with the fact that no matter what, these battles must be fought and overcome. The extent to which Baker Grace expresses these emotions through “Lullaby” makes it plain to see that her experiences over the past two years have had a silver lining.

One thing is certain: Baker Grace always has a captivating screen presence that keeps audiences hanging onto every lyric. She begins the video by putting a cassette into a tape player on a table with a collection of photos. She gazes outside her rainy window for much of the first half of the song, but the photos must have something to do with the glimpse of a missing-person poster seen in the mix as well. There are obvious nods and connections to the Last Survivors film, from the landscape in her eyeshot to the message about “outside medicine” written in the book pages. Baker Grace immerses herself in this sci-fi dystopia, blindfolding herself in front of an old television set. When she uncovers her eyes, she finds herself in the footage from the screen, and viewers see her in this location on the same television set she was seated by before.

Those who really want to see this plotline go full circle should see Last Survivors, too, as the music video and the film go together hand in hand. The storytelling throughout the video is like visual poetry, and it’s bound to have fans and followers replaying the music video over and over again to process every piece of it.